A little about The Mad Chandler…

Hand poured locally in small batches, made to order to ensure the freshest scent, with a 10 to 14 day delivery.

The Mad Chandler is a candle maker located in southern Ontario, and we produce hand poured soy candles with natural soy, made with a natural cotton wick with no paraffin wax, no palm wax, and no dyes.

The Mad Chandler takes the time to perfect each individual candle, to ensure the highest quality, at an affordable price.

The Mad Chandler hand pours all of our Candles in very small batches, and we are always looking to add variety to our product line, with different sized candles, fragrances and essential oils that excite the senses of all those that experience The Mad Chandler Soy Candles.

The Mad Chandler strives to provide each individual candle to the highest quality, and with the very best in Customer Service.

Enjoy Your Soy Candle Even Longer!

If you blow out your candle before melted wax has completely flooded the candle's surface, wait until it cools, then use a blow dryer to warm the wax until the surface is smooth.

Your candle will burn more evenly, and last for many more hours.